We guarantee that you will not find better classes in San Diego!
Group Dance Lesson Couples in San diego

We want you to be comfortable among your peers, so we offer group dancing lessons and put you into classrooms with people just like you and with a similar amount of experience so that you can learn together how to move across the dance floor. ​

Group of smiling young adults dancing at dance class.

We understand that your desire to learn to dance ballroom dances is a way to let go, probably at the end of a long day, it’s a way to have a little ‘me time’ or to reconnect with your partner. We understand that for dance to be a fun relief and not a burden, it needs to be affordable.

We offer affordable dancing lessons for every budget. We believe that dance is a gift and that it brings joy and health to anyone who tries it, so we want to make sure that our lessons are attainable for all budgets. This is why we offer private as well as group dancing lessons. Enjoy a classroom of beginners just like yourself, earn lifelong friends, and laugh and learn together with folks who want the same thing as you: to learn to dance. We offer adult group lessons, kids and teen group lessons from the meringue to the waltz ​in our studio in Poway and San Diego .

Fun Affordable Beautiful Ballroom instructors have years of experience dancing and teaching, are trained in multiple styles of dance and how to break them down in the simplest ways, and more than anything they want you to have fun, fun, fun.

We want our San Diego residents to make their dreams of learning to dance come true that’s why Fun Affordable Beautiful Ballroom offers affordable dancing lessons in a private or a group dancing lessons setting. We want you to come in fancy-free with your metaphorical dancing shoes on. We believe we can teach anyone to dance.

Our instructors are well trained and have been dancing and teaching for many years.

Fun Affordable Beautiful Ballroom is open from 8 am to 8 pm daily, so stop in now or call us to schedule a lesson today.