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Adult Dance Lesson Couple posing

Have you dreamed of learning ballroom dance since you were a small child but something held you back? If you’re in the San Diego area, let us make your dreams come true. We offer a variety of affordable classes, private and group lessons. ​

adult ballroom dance couple doing a foxtrot poseadult ballroom dance couple doing a chacha poseadult ballroom dance couple doing a waltz poseadult ballroom dance couple doing a viennese waltz pose


Did you dream as a child of floating around the dance floor with Fred Astaire? Have you religiously watched Dancing with the Stars, doing the cha cha in your living room? Did you practice the mambo on a set of stairs like Baby, or wish that a dance instructor came into your local diner to teach you and your friends how to dance like Johnny? Well, it’s about time you acted on that dream and Fun Affordable Beautiful Ballroom is here to help you achieve that dream.

​Moving across the dance floor like a graceful butterfly can be achieved by even the most unlikely person as long as you have a little bit of a sense of the beat and can learn the steps. Moving with a partner as one truly can give you the same sense of joy and connection you feel while watching the best of the best on Dancing with Stars.

Fun Affordable Beautiful Ballroom offers a range of dance lessons at an affordable price, and among those offerings is adult dancing lessons. No need to step into a classroom of young, agile, already-trained dancers. We want you to be comfortable among your peers, so we offer adult dancing lessons and put you into classrooms with people just like you and with a similar amount of experience so that you can learn together how to move across the dance floor. Among our adult dance lessons Fun Affordable Beautiful Ballroom offers salsa dancing lessons. We want you to have fun while you learn, so we offer the heppest songs to move to and salsa is one of the most fun and most sensual dances with latin American roots originating out of New York City. So let’s get your body moving to the beat soon.

Fun Affordable Beautiful Ballroom wants to make your lifelong dreams of learning ballroom dance come true. There’s no need to have any experience or any proper dance equipment to start. We only ask that you come ready to move. Fun Affordable Beautiful Ballroom offers affordable adult dancing lessons and salsa dancing lessons among many other offers.

​We are open from 8 am to 8 pm daily for your dancing convenience, so please give us a call today to schedule your dance lesson.